I am a freelance writer and  a writing and business communications instructor..  My business is called Captions Communications, and through it, I provide writing, editing, and proofreading services, along with instruction in creative or business writing.  I work with both the public and private sector.  I also  work with writers individually. Learn more from my website  www.CaptionsCommunications.ca.

I grew up in Toronto, and have lived in different parts of Ontario. Since 1993, the small town of Napanee has been home.  I hate to disappoint my family and friends in Toronto, but Napanee really is the centre of the universe–centrally located between Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and New York State. I am going to be talking more about this region in my new blog, “Local Business Matters.”

I love living in this small town, but I think I’m a city girl at heart. I enjoy getting back to my home-town, Toronto,  and other cities at least a few times a year.  It’s always nice to come back home to Napanee though.

The photo on the header of the blog was taken by my husband, Jim as are most of the photographs on the blog. Jim also loves taking pictures, and creating art from them, and he’s very good.  You’ll be able to tell when I’ve taken the picture.

We have two sons, Eric and Jeremy. Eric is a web and graphic designer working with local companies, and Jeremy is teaching English as a second language in Taipei.  Yes, they really are that much taller than me, and have been for many years. They’ve nicknamed me “Shrimp”–all in good fun.

Writing about keeping humour and hope alive in life is important.  I hope you enjoy reading the posts, and will visit often. I look forward to your feedback. Write to me at Christine at (@) CaptionsCommunications.ca


Please respect our copyright.  If you are interested in reprinting or reproducing any of the work on this blog, please contact me. My e-mail address is Christine (at) CaptionsCommunications.ca

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. LOVE this website, and great photos of you and your family… teaching in Korea? Seems you’ve spawned an offspring of travelers 🙂 I appreciate you checking out my blog, and was trying to follow you on FB but am a bit confused how! Do you have a FB page? Do you accept friend requests or can I ‘like’ a page somewhere? Sorry, I’m being an idiot but trying to be friendly just the same (that was meant to be funny). Best, Molly

  2. Christine, I love these pictures of your family, and your blog is looking really good. You’ve inspired me to get back at mine after a year of no posting! I’m still trying to figure out how to improve it’s appearance as well.

  3. Thanks Keri. I’m liking being in the blogosphere.

    There’s a story behind the banner in my photo, and I like having it in my office. I grew up in Toronto, so I’m a Leafs fan. I don’t watch too many games though. Our son is a fan of the Senators, so we have a little rivalry going, and tease each other about it.

    Of course I had to watch the Olympic finals, but only watched the finals. Yes, that final in the men’s hockey was quite the game. (See my FB post today on that.)

    There will be more photos coming on the blog.

    Thanks for following the blog. I hope you’ll come back often, and comment on what you read.

  4. Lady this is TOO cool you’re blogging, love it!

    And a hockey fan too eh, I recently became one and have sure been missing out WHAT a game.

    More photos of your great smile on your blog please 🙂


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