My Eccentric Journey

FeaturedMy Eccentric Journey

Depending on how you pronounce it, the word “eccentric” has two meanings. I’ll let  you look it up, but you are either talking about a weird or off-beat character or characteristic, or you are talking about a type of movement. While either definition may be applicable to me, the  latter definitely is.  I started in late 2017 on a journey to become certified to teach Essentrics®  This is a fitness program designed to re-balance every part of the body through simultaneous stretching and strengthening of all 650 muscles. It also lubricates all 320 joints to keep them supple and moving well. Did you know you had that many muscles and joints?

The program name uses the “soft c” pronunciation, with a different spelling: Essentrics®–tweaked by using part of the creator’s name: Miranda Esmonde White. Miranda is a former member of the National Ballet of Canada, and since developing this program more than 20 years ago, she has become a TV personality, author, much-sought after speaker, and of course, she is still teaching at age 70!

Miranda Esmonde White    

I’d been watching Miranda’s PBS program “Classical Stretch” for many years, and it continues to draw huge audiences. The program seems to be geared more to Baby Boomers, and younger generations wanted this type of strength and stretch program, but  with a different name. So Miranda and her daughter Sahra developed Essentrics®, which is now taught around the world.

After doing the exercises by myself, either watching “Classical Stretch” or working out with a DVD, I introduced the program to friends, and we’d do it together. Then I decided to become a Certified Essentrics® Instructor. 

That’s where the “weird” or “offbeat” part of “eccentric” comes in.  Many people will tell you that I have an eccentric sense of humour. Telling myself that I could become a fitness instructor at age 65 might be the funniest joke of all!  Yet, here’s the thing: I knew I had the support of family, friends,  a great group of Essentrics® instructors, and the Essentrics® training team, so I knew I could do it. No joke.  I am now a Certified Essentrics Aging Backwards® instructor. I love it! I love sharing this program with even more people. I move more easily. My posture is better.  I am almost pain free from my fibromyalgia and other chronic issues and I look and feel younger! Check my Essentrics Classes page on my website to find out why you’ll love this program.

I  want to, as Miranda and many others are  clearly doing, “age backwards.”

Please join me as I continue on this eccentric/Essentrics Aging Backwards® journey.