When it rains…

Of course you know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” That certainly has applied to Spring 2019 in eastern Ontario, and in this case, it applies to this blog. It’s been a long time since I posted anything and now I’ve got two posts in two days. What can I say? “The muse has awoken.”

My last post, “Thankful for a little push” included a guest blog post from my colleague Lori Straus. I’d sent an essay to Lori for her blog, and I am posting it here.

My focus in the past few months has been working on my certification as an Essentrics® instructor, which has kept me from doing a lot of writing. However that program does help my writing business too. It’s not always an even balance, but it is a good balance, and an important one for me.

Here’s the post I sent to Lori. I’m back on the writing/fitness journey. Thanks for coming along.

How does Essentrics® help my writing business?

Your first question might be, “What is Essentrics®?” The answer: a fitness program designed to re-balance the body through simultaneous stretching and strengthening all of the muscles and rebalancing the joints. Now, your second question: “How does this fitness program fit your writing business?”

Essentrics® not only rebalances my body; it rebalances my work, and by extension, my life.

It gets me out in the world

Writing is a solitary occupation. Most freelance writers work alone either at home or in an office they’ve set up. Some might do some writing in a café or library so they’re around other people but still working, writing, alone. Being in a group fitness class ends that isolation. It balances the need for solitude and quiet with the need for social interaction and some noise. Writing is also a sedentary activity.  So the passive activity has to be balanced with something more active. Some writers run; others bike; some go to a gym for a workout. I do Essentrics®. I do it at home on my own; I lead three or four classes a week and I try to take a class once a week. If you want to try it, look on the Essentrics® website to find a class near you, or check out the videos on the site to try the exercises at home. So what is it about Essentrics® that I love so much?

It keeps me moving

Although I try to get up and move around, taking regular breaks while I’m working, the truth is that I can wind up sitting for waaaaayyyy too long. Sound familiar? My problem is that I have fibromyalgia, a syndrome of muscular fatigue and pain that is often centred in my lower back and hips. It is occasionally in my neck, shoulders and upper arms. Sitting for too long is not good for any of this. In fact pain can set in fairly quickly. Doing the Essentrics® exercises, even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes, goes a long way to stretch and strengthen those muscles and reduce the pain. My classes are 30-60 minutes in length, so that really gets things moving. Many days are actually pain-free, but only if I do the exercises. Some of the women in my classes also have fibromyalgia or sciatica and they tell me that that the exercises help. Getting together with others to exercise is important to me. It’s hard to motivate yourself to exercise alone. That’s why I teach: I have to show up. No excuses. Anything done with friends is always better and many of my students have become friends.

I feel better

Once I have done my class and enjoyed some social time I am in a better mood emotionally and I feel better physically. I’m ready to get down to work. I can concentrate better and my writing comes more easily.

When you balance physical exercise with the mental exercise of writing, it is all positive. Check out Essentrics® for yourself and see if this program works for you. You can check out my website to see some videos and testimonials. Whatever you do, keep moving so that you can re-balance your work, and your life.

10 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. I find the extended sitting required of blogging has been one of the stumbling blocks to writing recently. Sitting too long at a desk can be really uncomfortable and I know I need to exercise more but it’s raining again and I can’t get out to walk or bike. a set of routine exercises to do several times a day might be the answer.

    1. Hi Veronica,
      Sorry, I didn’t get the notice that you’d commented on my post. Thanks for doing so. Essentrics is great because it can be done in short spurts–just 15 minutes a day if you don’t have the time to do a full 30 or 60 minute workout. Your body will still get the benefits of being rebalanced, stronger and more flexible. I’d love to chat more with you about this.

  2. Congrats, Christine, on working towards your Essentrics certification. I’m so glad it is helping your fibromyalgia. I have a friend here in MB who has it and will refer her to your post and the Essentrics site for more info. Maybe it will help her, too.

  3. It always worked for me. I find physical exercise does wonders for my writing. It clears my head and lets my muse speak. Nice post thank you for coming back to your blog. Grace

    1. It’s great to be doing some writing again, Grace. You get lots of exercise on the farm, no doubt, which then fuels your writing. Hope we’ll get out walking together soon.

  4. Thanks for this information! Sounds like a great workout for me. I checked out the website hoping to find a class in London, Ontario but, unfortunately, I don’t see any. 😦 Do you think the website is out of date and there may be one here? Thanks!

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      It is a great workout! I’m sorry there are no classes listed for London. I’m sure the website is kept up to date, but you could always contact the Head Office in Montreal. I believe the contact information is on the site. Miranda Esmonde White is still doing her “Classical Stretch” television show on PBS. There are also DVDs you can order, or sign up for Essentrics TV. Details are on the website about those. I used to take my DVDs to the local senior centre and work out with some friends there before I decided to become a certified instructor. I’m almost there.

  5. Finding that balance in your personal life is so important and it looks like you have found a way to do that.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Yes, balance is important. I so admire you for taking care of yourself with your fitness while also caring for 4 children!
      I have found my balance. As I said, it’s not always even, but it is a good balance.

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