Leaving Australia on a sweet note

Talk about a sweet ending to our trip to Australia.


On our penultimate day, we drove for about 90 minutes west of Sydney to the Blue Mountains. Whether, like us, you just want to stroll around Katoomba, the main town in the area, or you’re up for some more rugged bushwalking, this area should definitely be on your “to see” list.

208-150916The rugged cliffs and deep forest valleys topped by the Three Sisters rock formations add to the grandeur, and if you’re as lucky as we were, you’ll get a bright sunny day to really enjoy the vistas.

We could have taken a trolley tour or gone to see the visitor centre but we had to get back to the city and, because it was such a beautiful day, we chose to do a couple of walks through town and a drive around the local area.


One of the highlights, which took a little while to actually find because it’s smaller than you’d think, is the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company.

Given its name, you might think it would be something larger than a house yet that’s exactly where this company is located, and all of the chocolate making is done in the kitchen.


Out front there are shelves full of bags of chocolate,  other sweet treats, and a large case displaying so many types, sizes and shapes of chocolate that it was a bit overwhelming. Completing the scene is a café where you can enjoy your special snack.


The highlight—and something the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company is famous for—is the hot chocolate. This is no ordinary hot chocolate! It’s made in a specially-designed fondue pot, heated by a tealight, to which you add steamed milk and as many of the little chocolate wafers as your taste dictates.  200-150916

The chocolate slowly melts into the milk as you stir and sip with the distinctive straw-spoon. (spoon-straw?)

It stays nice and hot as you linger over it and keep eyeing those chocolates in the display case.

The hot chocolate can be made with regular or soy milk, and you can buy your own 5-piece Choco Fondue set.

(They were out of stock, and we really didn’t have room in our luggage for the set, but I am on the lookout now.)


While the sky was blue and the sun was bright, there was a cool, brisk wind, and after strolling around Katoomba looking at some magnificent street art and checking out some of the local shops, we were definitely ready for a hot drink.189-150916 192-150916

We drove back to Sydney to return our camper van. Then we settled into the apartment we’d booked for our last night in Australia, still talking about that magnificent hot chocolate and looking forward to the delectable chocolate goodies we’d purchased. What a sweet ending to our trip.


Now that I’ve started at the end, I might just go back to the beginning of the trip to Australia in my next post. So, stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Leaving Australia on a sweet note

  1. What a chocolate lover’s dream! That sounds like heaven in a cup. I love chocolate too, especially the dark chocolate. You made me want some hot chocolate. Thanks for that yummy post!

    1. Thanks for following the blog and for your comments, Ann. I too am a lover of chocolate, especially the dark chocolate. I hardly ever eat any other kind–it just pales in taste. I haven’t wanted some hot chocolate for a while as we’ve been experiencing some really hot and humid weather this summer, but come winter, I’ll be loving the hot chocolate and am going to make it this way, even if I don’t have the fancy fondue pot. “Heaven in a cup” is a good way to describe it. I will be posting more soon, so please stay tuned.

  2. Looks like I’ve missed a number of your posts! I don’t get emails anymore, since adding you to my WP Reader, and unfortunately I don’t get on there as often as I should, and I don’t always get notices on FB. Too quickly post get moved down further than I get.😞 So now I’ll catch up!

    Love this travel article. I’m feeling a little draggy tonight, so a cup of that yummy hot chocolate would be especially appealing. Another place to add to the bucket list.😀

    1. Thanks for commenting as you’re getting caught up, Judy. That place was indeed very neat and that hot chocolate was *so* good! I’d love to get one of those special pots, but there are ways to make the hot chocolate with the pieces melted into hot milk rather than using cocoa powder that we can try. Why wait for winter? As you said, it would be great when you’re feeling a little “draggy.”

  3. Love this and having just returned from Ireland and England I am inspired to start some travel writing. I kept a daily journal; thanks to your encouragement in class and I have a big supply of pictures to sort through. Look forward to reading more about your adventure.

    1. Thanks, Lillie. Welcome back. I look forward to reading about your travel adventures. Sometimes you can let the pictures tell the story, and other times they are a good complement. I’m learning that as I go along. Fortunately, Jim is a much better photographer than I am, so it’s almost always his photos that we use.

  4. Oh what a sweet post, no pun intended. Tell Jim his photos are fantastic and your writing has me dreaming of visiting Australia someday and checking out the scenery and, of course, the sweets. I look forward to reading and seeing more about this trip. Great travel writing. hug B

    1. Thanks, B. I’m learning more about travel writing, and yes, Jim’s photos are terrific. Photos really add a lot to the story–something I learned from you.
      There will be more posts about the trip–and more photos.

  5. Blu Mountains Chocolate looks like a great place for us chocolate lovers, Christine. I’ll definitely bookmark it for a future visit. I can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!

    1. It was indeed a terrific spot, Doreen, and not just for the chocolate. If we ever went back to Australia, I’d want to spend more time in this area. There will be more stories to come.

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