Keep telling your travel stories

As a professional writer, I love to tell stories, and usually I am telling other people’s stories. On this blog, I get to tell my own stories, and many of them have been about travel. I’ve been lucky to have some travel articles published, and I am still learning more about travel writing. I also want to hear travel stories from others, and help us all learn how to be better travel writers.

So, I have a workshop called “The Travelling Pen.” I first presented this in Napanee (Ontario, Canada) on Saturday, February 27, and it was well-received. I have been asked to repeat the workshop so here are the details for this presentation.

Saturday, March 19 

10 am to 3 pm

Airhart  Community Room

L & A Country General Hospital

8 Richmond Park Drive


$50 (includes all materials)*

This community room is accessible through the hospital or from the parking lot, and both the coffee shop and cafeteria will be open for lunch and snacks.

While we chat about travel writing for publication online and in print, we will spend most of the day talking about writing travel journals and blogs and look at some of the travel blogs that I follow.

Throughout the day, participants will make valuable contacts to help them with their writing, and I will hand out information that I hope will be useful for them as they write their travel stories.

I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled across Canada and to several countries in the world with my husband whose photos complement my stories brilliantly.

Here are some photos from our first trip to South Korea to visit our son Jeremy in September 2010.

Palace guards, Joseon era dress
Stirway to Incheon's Chinatown
Painted steps in Incheon’s Chinatown

We returned  to South Korea in August 2015  and then went on to Australia. We’re still editing photos and stories from that trip so stay tuned.

Whether you want to become a published writer or just learn how to capture your stories in a more meaningful way, joining me for “The Travelling Pen” will be an adventurous day–but the date is fast approaching,  so please register soon.

To register, please contact me:


*Payment must be cash, cheque, or direct deposit.


15 thoughts on “Keep telling your travel stories

    1. Thanks, Doreen. This session will feature more on keeping travel journals as that’s what the participants seem to want.

      I am including links to your website/blog with my materials, and I’ll show folks the website. I’ll also take the book as I will be talking about travel narratives.

      Your support, as always, is so very much appreciated.

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