Show Me the Science

Thanks, Julie Daniluk, for Showing Me the Science

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been on a better health quest for many years. I’ve tried to find The Best of Both Worlds–all worlds really– using Western, Eastern, alternative, and complementary medicine. It’s an ongoing journey, and most of the time, one that I’m happy to be on.

My quest leads me to discovering new ways of thinking about food—what we eat; why we eat it (or don’t eat it); and how it affects our health—or perhaps more specifically, my health. I’ve read so many different books and listened to so many “gurus” that I’m afraid I’ve become quite skeptical. Well, at least more skeptical than I already am much of the time.

In the movie Jerry McGuire, Cuba Gooding Jr’s character kept yelling, “Show me the money.” I don’t need to see the money behind a new cookbook or health plan—Show Me the Science!

That’s exactly what Julie Daniluk does in her new book, “Slimming Meals That Heal” (SMTH.) Not only does she provide more than 120 recipes that will help fight inflammation—which Daniluk believes to be the root cause for many illnesses and much of the weight gain many of us suffer from—she backs up her thesis, and the “live-it” snacks and meals she has created, with solid medical science and research. That’s really important to me now. I need more than a cookbook in a cookbook—and Daniluk delivers.

She starts with telling us “Why Diets Don’t Work”, and how she came to coin the term “live-it,” and ends with lists of resources and references.

I have to admit that I was not familiar with Julie or her work until a friend told me about her last week. (Since Julie has been a frequent guest on many TV shows, and co-hosts her own show on the Oprah network–I’ve clearly missed out.)  Once I’d watched some videos and read the information on her website, I was hooked. I had to talk to this woman! Fortunately, that’s been arranged, so I’ll tell you all about that—and post a full review of SMTH—in coming weeks.

When I get a new cookbook (and I admit to having a small cabinet full of them) I pore over the recipes and then get around to reading the other stuff later. This time I’m doing it differently. I’ve been reading the information Julie Daniluk has compiled and I’ve been checking the references. Before you head to the kitchen, you might want to sit at your computer or tablet and check these things for yourself.

Then, head to the kitchen.

Sometimes I feel like a warrior who is constant battle with my body, and I try to keep up the fight with some humour and some hope.  Julie’s  book is helping me to realize that I don’t have to stay in my “food prison” as she calls it—and once I bust out I never have to go back.

It’s not often that I get to chat with or meet the authors whose books I review, so I feel very lucky on both counts. I’ll chat with Julie next week and then, I hope get a chance to meet with her in Kingston at the end of the month.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading—and cooking—up a storm, but one that I’m happy has arrived.

Stay tuned for my next blog posts where I’ll tell you more about SMTH, and Julie Daniluk—nutritionist, chef, and cookbook author extraordinaire!

(Don’t just take my word for this–head over to Julie’s website and watch her videos–then you’ll be as hooked as I am!)


4 thoughts on “Show Me the Science

  1. You’ve got me pumped, Christine! I love how you put so much enthusiasm into your writing when you believe in something. I hope you will soon harness that passion into a creative project of your own that would motivate and inspire people in a big way.

    Thx for the heads-up about Julie Daniluk. I’ll have a look at her site. And don’t feel bad. I hadn’t heard of her before either!

    1. Your comments, like you, are always so upbeat, Doreen. I apologize for the late reply. I do try and harness my passion and put it into writing–and yes, I hope it does inspire and motiveate others too.
      I am so grateful to my friend Kimberley for introducing me to Julie Daniluk’s work–and now we’ll get to meet Julie when she comes to Kingston at the end of May. We’re definitely pumped for that.

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