Power in Numbers

You’ve likely heard that there may be strength in numbers. There is, but last year at the Toronto Yoga Show, I knew there was also power in numbers.

In the middle of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) hall where the show is held is the Yoga Garden, it looked like a hundred people were on their mats practicing yoga. That looked pretty powerful. When I joined them later it felt powerful too. How so?

I saw men and women of all sizes and shapes, dressed in all kinds of gear practicing different styles of yoga. Many times there were props, and I got to try a few. I’d recently received some Three Minute Eggs, so I was anxious to see how they could be incorporated into my practice. Since last year I’ve used them not only in my yoga classes, but in many other fitness classes too. They give wonderful support to my wrists and legs or put me into the right sitting position so I am more flexible. Trillium Connection will be at the show again this year, so be sure to seek them out.

Whether it’s yoga props, clothing, a new mat, or another health or fitness item you’re looking for, you will find it at the Toronto Yoga Show. It’s in the North Building, Hall C of the MTCC from Friday, March 28 until Sunday, March 30.

You’ll see what I mean about the power in numbers, and remember, yoga can help make you stronger too.


I’ve mentioned my Blog Hop post that will be on Monday, March 31, but before then, I will be sharing my experience with Olympian, Humanitarian and Motivator Clara Hughes who stopped in Kingston as she cycles 12,000 kilometres across Canada raising awareness about the need for research, treatment, and understanding of mental health problems that she and so many others have struggled with, or are still struggling.

So please keep checking back, and if you’re not a “Follower”, please sign up. I am just shy of 400 followers and I’d love you to join us.

One more thing: thanks to my husband Jim for providing such great photos on this blog. He definitely has an artistic flair with his photography and I love sharing it with you.



6 thoughts on “Power in Numbers

    1. I take great inspiration from all of the great things happening for many of my colleagues and friends. I also am so appreciative of the support I get from you, Suzanne.

      Here’s to things being on an upswing for both of us.

  1. Sounds like you’ve got some very positive things happening in your life right now, Christine. 100 people doing yoga with you, interviewing Clara Hughes, and a Blog Hop … Wow! I’m all ears and eyes. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. It’s more like me doing yoga with 100 people rather than them joining me, Doreen. :} I see some of these folks who have been practicing yoga for years and they make it look so easy. I just enjoy whatever movements I can do.
      Meeting Clara Hughes was phenomenal. I haven’t even listened to my voice notes yet. Her speech was extremely personal and awe-inspiring–and this was after she’d riden 182 kilometres that day. Her talk will be posted on my blog along with my comments and impressions.
      The Blog Hop is challenging but fun.
      So, thanks for coming along on my journey–if I even dare call it that now. Your support means so much.

    1. The flowers in the photo are indeed from this year, Lillie. I bought a lovely plant last week and helped to support our local animal shelter. That’s a win-win, and a little spring colour in my dining room.
      Thanks so much for following the blog and commenting. Your support means so much.

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