Moving forward–with a little help.

I’ve had so many topics for this blog swirling around in my head over the last few months that it’s been difficult to figure out what to write.  So, I apologize for not having written anything here. Thanks for checking in, or checking back.

Of course I’ve been writing—but it’s been writing for other people. It’s easier when someone else gives you the topic and deadline and maybe even provides some background materials and contacts. Writing for this blog—for myself—is more difficult.

So what’s the problem? Sometimes it’s just a lack of energy after the other work is done. Also, I’m not the most organized person, and I am definitely not a creature of habit, so I’ve never set up a specific day to post an entry, nor have I created a list of topics. That might be a good place to start. In the vernacular, I say, “Do ya think?”

I want to change this and at least try to develop some better habits on this front.  How do I make this change? Well, since I haven’t done so well on my own, it’s time to ask for help—but who to ask?

I could ask my family. My husband is definitely more organized and he’s a whiz with programs like Excel so he could set something up, or find a calendar program for me. Kid One, Eric, is also a computer whiz and a great multi-media designer, so he could help too.  Kid Two, Jeremy, might even be able to help with topics, editing, and such, but he’s in Taiwan, so that wouldn’t be as easy.

I could ask friends and colleagues in the Professional Writers Association of Canada who have this stuff figured out—or if they don’t, they sure look like they do. But I was thinking that maybe it’s better to work with someone who is not so close—geographically or emotionally.

Then I got an invitation from “Writers Life Coach” Lora Freeman Wiliams, who lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA, which is not at all close to Napanee, Ontario, Canada.  While I’ve struck up a bit of a friendship with Lora, we’re not close friends. So there is distance and perspective.  She has already helped me with her Warm Up to Cold Calls class at her Writer’s Life Academy, and she was a great help getting my Unleash Your Inner Writer class set up at the Academy. Now, Lora has offered to have me join a group of entrepreneurs—one who is a writer—that she is coaching, and we’ll work together on setting some goals for 2014.

Whoa! Goal setting for next year already? That’s usually a December or January thing—or at least a November thing, and it’s only October. Well, by looking now at what I want to accomplish in 2014, it may make it easier to plan the last three months of 2013.

Lora is having us look at eight different areas of our life—not just our professional and personal lives—to set goals based on what’s happening, or not happening, in those areas.

It’s hard work doing all of this introspection but my hope is that by looking in I’ll have a clearer view when I look out—out to next year, or even the next few years—and will give me some much needed focus.

In some ways, this seems old—stuff I’ve done before, or should know how to do on my own. I’ve done Business Plans and Business Visions (thank you Paul Lima) but I don’t seem to get any further ahead.  I feel stuck. I don’t feel quite as successful as I once did.

I was interviewed recently by the Work At Home Woman magazine and was asked about that. I said that success was relative, and really has nothing to do with money. (Read that interview here)

Of course I’d like to make more money, but more than that, I want new work—different kinds of teaching, writing, editing, and consulting. I need to figure out what’s been working and what hasn’t, and what’s stopping me from making it work.

I know this will be hard, and I’m not one to take on the hard stuff usually. That’s why I know I need help to keep things moving forward.

How do you keep yourself moving forward to reach your goals? Check back with me in a couple of weeks—I promise there will be something here. I can let you know how the coaching’s going, and if I’m still feeling stuck—or if I’ve finally put that calendar together.


13 thoughts on “Moving forward–with a little help.

  1. Thanks to you too for your continued support and encouragement. You could be right. Perhaps blogging just for the joy of sharing my journeys is enough.:)

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