More than three weeks into my challenge of “Living Primal”, you’d think it would have gotten easier. Not true. This week has been particularly challenging  and I feel like I’ve gotten off track.  I was just getting ready to write about that when my friend Grace Cherian alerted me to this blog post about meeting the physical challenges of blogging. Perfect timing Grace. That reminded me how important is to keep going. So why has this week been so challenging?

First it was the holiday Monday, and no Zumba class. I made up for that by playing some tennis and going for a lovely long walk, which was more of a stroll than a walk.  Not as much cardio as there should have been.

Tuesday I must admit to spending too much time at the computer. I know I need to get up and do some exercise, but somehow that just doesn’t happen some days. On Tuesday night I felt some light-headedness coming on, which turned into full-blown vertigo on Wednesday. I missed my workout at Fitt for You, and my class at Zeal Fitness.

We also had company for dinner and that was a mixed success in terms of sticking with the challenge.

Good points: goat cheese and smoked oysters for appetizers. Not so good points—served with rice crackers. The crackers had black sesame seeds—does that get extra points? I didn’t think so.

On to the main course:  the “good” grain—quinoa, mixed with lots of vegetables, and we had some lovely asparagus and fiddleheads—two of spring’s best treats. Barbecued salmon was our main entrée.

So far, pretty good. Then came dessert. Our guests brought some lovely fresh fruit and a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing. How could I resist? Let’s just say I didn’t and leave it at that. I had one small piece of cake with lots of fruit on the side, and I will leave both pieces that our guests left for us for my husband. He’d better eat them quickly!

So it really has been one step forward and two steps back this week. But I’m not despairing. I’m off to a Zumba class soon, and Tricia throws in some “abs and core” work at the end.  I could think of a lot of excuses to skip the class, but I’m not making any. I could also justify eating another piece of that delicious cake—because I went out and exercised.  But I’m not doing that either.

I thought by now that I’d be at least a little trimmer than I am, and I’d have more energy—and neither of those things is happening as I thought they would. So, while the challenge may “officially” end on May 31, I’m in it for a longer haul— until it starts to get easier at least, and I start to see, and feel, the results I want.



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