The first few days of this 30 Day Living Primal Challenge were, well, challenging, but I’m getting into a groove now and expect the next ones to be even better. Not that there won’t be more setbacks, but I’m feeling more confident that I’ll know how to handle them.

Handling the challenge of the birthday dinner turned out to be really easy. Yes, there was tempting chocolate on the menu for dessert, but since it was made with milk chocolate, and of course, wheat flour, it was easy to resist. I was thinking about ordering biscotti, and had it been covered with dark chocolate it might have been more tempting.  My entrée was a lovely serving of Ontario Perch served on a bed of butter lettuce and tasty green vegetables. So, that was all good.

Today was a little harder, and temptation won. I had two delicious mini butter tarts brought to the pot-luck lunch for our writing group. We were celebrating the end of a very good season, and getting ready for our four “bonus” classes to start next week.  There were two vegetable salads, and a vegetable soup, so we definitely filled that quota. We ended with the butter tarts and some clementines—all in all a lovely lunch.

Dinner was easy—turkey meat loaf, and some steamed cauliflower and broccoli in a light hollandaise sauce. Did you know that cauliflower makes a good substitute for potatoes? Apparently you can even make pizza crust with cauliflower. I’ll have to check the Living Primal website to see if that recipe gets posted.

As I didn’t fit in a walk yesterday, I made sure to get out for a nice long one today—so, one step back and two (a lot more actually) steps forward.

While the first days were a little shaky, the week got better and as I head into Week 2, things are looking good.

I hope you continue with me on this journey. It’s not too late to take up the challenge yourself.



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