Well, today is Day 1 of this 30 Day Living Primal Challenge. It was free to enter and the rules are pretty simple:

Eat Real Food

Be Active

Get Adequate Sleep

Manage Your Stress

Get Ample Sunlight

While that may sound simple, it is called a Challenge for good reason. Some of it will be hard.

I talked about my reasons for taking up this crazy idea, as some might call it, in my last post.

Let’s start with Rule #1 Eat Real Food.

That doesn’t include grains—including the whole grains that Canada’s Food Guide recommends. So, what do you have for breakfast if you don’t have cereal and toast? Jeff Cammaart who owns Zeal Fitness Studio in Napanee, Ontario with his wife Tricia, has steamed peas for breakfast. Why not? Who said that peas just have to be for dinner? We eat eggs any time of day, not just breakfast, and we love those restaurants that serve “All Day Breakfast” because we might want to have a “typical” breakfast food later in the day. So, while I’ll miss having my oatmeal or granola, or my toast with almond butter in the morning, I’ll survive—and maybe thrive. Today I had pancakes made with almond flour and coconut milk and one egg. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try poached eggs on a salad instead of toast.

Eating more of the “real” food– vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, and poultry, I can handle too. But I will miss the pasta—which is almost the only processed or packaged food I eat. I actually started the “grains free” stuff yesterday, and did fairly well. I did have half of a non-alcoholic beer with dinner, which of course could be called “liquid grains.” I used the other half to steam the veggies and shrimp. There will be days when I “cheat” but I’ll fess up to it. At least I only drank half of the beer. I did have a little maple syrup on the pancakes but I also had half a banana.

Remember when everyone was thinking that bloggers were going to write about what they had for breakfast, and other mundane things in their life? Some do, most don’t. While I just told you about my breakfasts most of the time I won’t. These blog posts will be about the journey to Living Primal. I’ll be tracking it in my journal—where I will be writing down what I’m eating, and I’ll be using this 30 Day Tracking Sheet-1 to record my energy levels, hunger levels, food cravings, satisfaction with meals, moods, struggles with the program, and benefits–all on a scale of 1 to 10. That looks pretty simple, and easy to follow, and if new programs are complicated, I just don’t stick with them–or even start.

And so it begins.


6 thoughts on “AND SO IT BEGINS

    1. Thanks on both counts, Suzanne. This is definitely a challenge, and is having its ups and downs, but overall I’m glad I made the decision to do this. I appreciate the compliment on the blog. Jim took all of the photos.

    1. That’s going to be a little tough at times, but yes, it keeps me looking through my (fairly large) collection of cookbooks, and there is, of course the web. I’ve found a couple of “primal diet” or “paelo diet” cookbooks online. Last night I found recipes for banana bread and coconut bread (using the almond and coconut flours). I “combined” them and made coconut-banana bread!

  1. Way to think outside the box Christine! The other day for breakfast I ate chicken enchiladas on coconut flour wraps. Not a ‘traditional breakfast’ by any standard but it kept me full well into the afternoon.

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