Have you tried primal living? Primal what?  It has nothing to do with that hippie New Age Primal Scream Therapy that was around 40 years ago.

You may, however, hear screams from people who are taking the Living Primal Challenge  during the month of May.

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I’m open to new things when it comes to health. I first shared some of that in “What Does Wellness Mean to You?”  talking about my experiences with traditional, alternative, and complementary medicine—all in the journey of getting, and staying, healthier. It’s been quite a ride.

What Else Can I Do?

That ride’s included eliminating wheat and dairy products. I can’t digest wheat-based breads, crackers, cereals, and pastas, or the casein protein found in cow’s milk.  I’ve switched to using gluten-free or at least wheat-free grains, and I eat cheese and yogurt made from goat or sheep milk. That’s all been working quite well. But not as well as I thought it would, and I’m still not as healthy as I think I can be. I’d been thinking what else can I do?

Then I met Carolyn Coffin and Kevin Beatty, owners of a new business in Belleville, Ontario called Living Primal.  Talking with them, and during a seminar Carolyn presented, I made connections between the carbs found in grains and some of my digestive problems. I also linked those carbs and the belly fat I have not been able to get rid of, in spite of trying to eat less and move more.  Giving up those breads, pastas, cereals, and crackers, and getting back to being active, is where the  screaming may come in, but I’m finding that the more I tell people about living primal, the more support I’m getting. My Chinese Medicine practitioner told me about some of this last year, but I wasn’t ready to hear it. It seemed too new and different.

Not Really So New

But this isn’t really new, or all that different. Kevin and Carolyn call living primal “looking to the past to guide our future,” harkening back to a time when the food that was readily available was either animal or plant based—meat and vegetables. Our ancestors figured out ways of cooking with fats and spices, nuts and seeds, to add some variety. They needed to satisfy the primal urge to eat. Since they didn’t always have easy access to food they had to plan their eating wisely. They had to eat food that would sustain them for more than a couple of hours. We’ve gotten away from that. Maybe it’s time to get back.

Are You Up For It?

I’m up for the challenge. I think I can handle it for 30 days—and maybe longer. Why not join me? Follow along for the next month and see how it’s going, and share your experiences–whether you decide to take this challenge or not. Join in and tell us what keeps you motivated to stay healthy.



  1. Your post was so well written, you almost talked me into it. But one challenge at a time…still waiting for that boost of detox energy to hit, then it’s summertime and the living is easy…..

    1. That’s high praise coming from you, Ginny. Summertime will be easier to follow this because fruits and veggies will be so plentiful and fresh! You’re right–one challenge at a time. I hope the detox energy kicks in soon!

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