So, what do you think of this weather?

So what’s everybody talking about? The weather of course. Now, I’ve heard that we [Canadians] talk about the weather more than folks do in almost any other country, and that’s likely because we’ve got a lot to talk about—because it’s so changeable.
You could say that Winter 2011-2012 was the “winter that never was” even though we had our share of storms that caused snow days, or ice days, which led to cancellations of classes, including my writing class a few times. Yet, almost everyone’s been saying, “Hey, this winter hasn’t been too bad, so we’re not complaining.”
And we’re not complaining about the weather this week—certainly not in southern Ontario anyway. But we perhaps should be worried about the fact that the temperature is predicted to be 27 degrees on Thursday, March 22. 27! It doesn’t get that hot in the summer sometimes. So what does this mean for the future? There were definitely some “weather stories” in 2011 that may or may not be predictors for this year.
Did someone mix up March and April, and we’ll get snow and ice next month? Since we had a Green Christmas, does this mean we’ll have a White Easter? Since we’re having warm weather so early, will it be cooler later in summer?  I don’t think that even David Phillips, Canada’s chief climatologist can answer these questions.
We just have to take it as it comes—and take it we will. Everyone is trying to make the most of these warmer days—golfing, barbecuing, wearing shorts and tee-shirts. What do you think this is? Summer?
All I know is that the mantra I like so much of  “one day at a time” really is a good one for these hazy, lazy days of March. Who knows what it will be like tomorrow, next week, or next month? Yesterday I heard reports of rain for the Kingston area where I live. In fact, there were predictions of a 60% chance of rain for Sunday too. It’s been clear and dry with no rain clouds in sight.
So get out those summer clothes, but don’t put the winter ones away just yet—you just might still need them.
How’s the weather where you are? Are you chomping at the bit to get your garden in, or start other activities usually reserved for warmer months? Join the conversation and let us know.


2 thoughts on “So, what do you think of this weather?

  1. We had a major storm overnight one day last week (they’re all a blur these days), but it’s been balmy the last few days. Haven’t got the summer clothes out just yet, but tonight we looked at buying a new motorcycle and then took a 20 min. walk over to DQ for our first treat of the season. It felt like summer, except it was already dark by the time we headed for home!

    We’ll take it while we can. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store for our future.

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