He can’t handle the truth

In today’s Toronto Star, there is an article stating that Stephen Harper doesn’t think the Opposition parties will work with him if he forms another minority government. http://tinyurl.com/3e2q2bo

He thinks we will be in “a black hole” if the Liberals form the government. We will be in a black hole all right, but it will be the Conservatives that will put us there.  Mr. Harper will want to continue to govern the way he has–with Harperocracy, and with no regard to anyone’s agenda but his own.

This part of the article was particularly telling:

“So far in the campaign, he has shown no willingness to compromise. Harper has pledged to re-introduce the budget that was rejected last month, just before the election was called. In the campaign he also say he will pass an omnibus bill with all the criminal justice legislation that wasn’t dealt with in the last Parliament and do it within 100 days of taking power.

Asked Wednesday if he would be willing to tone down his agenda so that it was acceptable to other parties, Harper was defiant.

“I don’t accept that question,” he told reporters.”

He doesn’t accept the question? (Maybe it wasn’t one of the five questions he’d allotted for the day.)

When challenged on the real reason for the election–his government being found to be in contempt of Parliament– leading to the attacks from the Opposition, and the vote of non-confidence, Harper said [during the debates], “I don’t accept the truth behind the attacks.”

He doesn’t accept the truth? Mr. Harper–you can’t handle the truth! (Thank you writers of “A Few Good Men” for giving Jack Nicholson that iconic line.)

Is this someone we can trust with any kind of power–minority or majority–NO!

Michael Ignatieff and his team of Liberals, including our local candidate David Remington can be trusted. They have been very clear about what they will do if they are asked to form a government, and they have been very clear about what they won’t do.  They have shown how all of their programs will be paid for without raising personal income taxes.  It’s all in the Liberal plan.

Check it out. Find out where your local Liberal candidate stands on issues that are important to you. It’s important to vote locally, as well as nationally. My local politics haven’t always aligned with my national politics but this time they are. I like many of the policies of the Green and NDP parties, and I think Michael Ignatieff does too. He will work with them to implement some of those policies but in a way that perhaps makes more fiscal sense–clear costs of their programs are not part of either the Green or NDP platforms, as far as I’ve seen.

We’re into the home stretch now–12 days to Rise Up.

Rise up and go to All Candidates meetings in your area.

Rise up and vote on May 2.

Rise up to a new dawn, a new Liberal government, and a new way of doing things.

Stephen Harper may not want to accept that truth, but it will be one he will have to learn how to handle.


8 thoughts on “He can’t handle the truth

  1. It’s the fact that he was found in CONTEMPT of Parliament that really amazes me. Shouldn’t SOMETHING happen because of that (I mean, besides the election). If your party’s leader is found in contempt, he shouldn’t be allowed to be your leader any more, period. I can’t believe it’s not illegal for him to have a second chance at running the country after such an event.

    1. Well said, Tammy. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, our only recourse is to boot him out of office, and since he didn’t win the majority (note the positive tone), his party will boot him out as leader. We can only hope.

  2. Good points, Christine. I agree that Harper has to go. I have been a Green supporter for a long time and would really like to see them get at least one seat so they will be taken seriously. Elizabeth May has a chance and she will work well with the other parties.

    Sadly, I still have no idea who our Green candidate is, which is not good, so I may have to swap votes in order to get a vote for Elizabeth, which will mean voting either Liberal or NDP.

    1. I like the Greens too, Judy, and I do hope that Elizabeth May, and other Green candidates are elected. Our candidate here said last night “if by some miracle I am the elected candidate for this riding…” so he doesn’t think he’ll win, but I have to give him full marks for running, and for his honesty. He presented himself, and his party well.
      Good luck with the vote swap.

    1. Thanks, Doreen. I really do feel this fire spreading. Let’s hope it catches on. I know the polls are in favour of the Cons right now, but as one of their Chief Cons used to say, “the only one that counts is the one on election day.”

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