Memories of Korea

My husband Jim and I visited South Korea from September 14 to October 4, 2010. Our visit was a chance to visit our son Jeremy who has been teaching English in an elementary school in Incheon, South Korea since October 2009, and is enjoying that experience very much. It was also a chance to visit a part of the world not previously on our holiday radar. The highlight of our trip was being able to spend time with Jeremy, his friends in Korea, and his co-teachers, who were all very kind and welcoming to us. There were many other memorable experiences, some of which I am sharing in these next few blog posts.


You can see our photos online here. Most of the photos were taken in South Korea, but there are a few depicting scenes from the Sonoma Coast and San Francisco, California,  where we spent a few days before returning home on October 8.


8 thoughts on “Memories of Korea

    1. Thanks Suzanne. We’re sending out a link to this blog with some of our Christmas cards, so I never think it’s too late to post.

      It was indeed a colourful, and flavourful country. We loved it.

  1. Awesome pics, Christine!

    I love #69, with the two blanketed horses. I guess the 3 steps to nowhere are used for someone to get on the horses? Never seen that before!

    Also love #60 — the carving of the happy face at the temple.

    They’re all terrific, and will provide you with plenty of happy memories.

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.


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