What Does Wellness Mean To You?

I was asked to write a column* that would be called “Wellness Words” so I started thinking about the meaning of the word wellness.  It’s not in my dictionary so I looked online and found “wellness” equated with “health”.  I’ve talked about some of this in one of my previous posts “Choices in Healthcare”.

To explore the idea further I spoke with two people who use the word wellness. Mora File, owner of the Wild Orchid Health and Wellness Centre on Centre Street in Napanee had this to say about wellness:  “It’s the integration of all aspects of the things that have an impact on our life including the work we do, the food we eat, and the things we do to keep things in balance. It’s also knowing when you need to take better care of a certain aspect of your life and how to access what you need to do that.”

Joanne Maclean, owner of Wellness in the Woods on Highway 2 east of Napanee said that she thinks of wellness as something that is “achieved from the inside out,” and “is a way of making yourself feel better.” She said her clients tell her they always feel better and more relaxed when they leave her salon, in its  lovely wooded setting, so it was easy coming up with its name.

Does wellness just mean health? It’s fortunate that while none of my health problems have been life-threatening, they have affected my quality of life, and they have led me to search outside the norm for answers to my problems. I have a family doctor who supports my belief that she is just one of many health professionals I can consult. I also have complementary care available including chiropractic, massage therapy, yoga, naturopathy, holistic nutritional counselling, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thanks in part to this team of practitioners I maintain my wellness. I’ve referred to this in The Best of Both Worlds.

We have a hospital in my community and a number of doctors to care for us when we are not well. We also have a growing number of complementary and alternative care providers in the area. I’ve mentioned some here. Others may be introduced in upcoming posts.

Wellness is a state of being: having a healthy mind, body and spirit. It’s more than just being free of disease.  Achieving wellness requires active promotion of health and prevention of illness. While it’s good to have a team of people who can help us achieve optimum health, ultimately, it is up to us. We need to make the best choices we can and not always rely on someone else to take care of us. We need to work to achieve whatever wellness means to us. Heredity or just bad luck may give us some health challenges to deal with but if we keep wellness as the goal, and we have a range of choices, then meeting those challenges will become easier.

What does wellness mean to you? Please post a comment here on the blog and let me know.

*I won’t be writing that column because an agreement could not be reached on the contract. Certain writers’ rights were  requested that I would not license or waive. It was nice to be asked but there are other publishers who may be interested in this type of writing, and who are more willing to negotiate contracts.


6 thoughts on “What Does Wellness Mean To You?

  1. Great post, Christine.

    Judy took the words out of my mouth! To me, wellness is all about balance.

    If our physical well being, our mental state of mind and our spiritual focus are in tune, we are in a state of wellness.

    Occasionally, one of those three may falter and need propping up. But if the other two are strong, they can do it and recreate the balance — which will restore our ultimate wellness.

    Write on,

  2. I know you have great insight due to personal challenges and I applaud you for researching this topic and looking at alternatives to keep your lifestyle as healthy as possible.

    I am also sorry you didn’t reach an agreement to write the column. I commend you for not caving to onerous contracts. I think it will pay you back tenfold. Don’t give up. Keep trying to sell the idea. I know you’ll succeed. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom.

    1. Hi Suzanne:
      Thanks for the compliment, and the support. This post was basically the column (I added the links and a bit more). I know there are other markets for this kind of writing, and I’m sure I’ll find them.

  3. I agree that “wellness” does not just mean health. I think it is a state of feeling good and content, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Each of these things greatly impacts the others. Many days achieving the balance is next to impossible, but the successful days are grand!

    Too bad the column didn’t work out, but good for you for standing your ground. I’m sure you’ll find another spot for your insightful writing. In the meantime, we can all enjoy reading it here. 🙂

    1. Hi Judy:
      Thanks for visiting the blog, and commenting on this post. I really like your definition of wellness. You are so right when you say that it’s hard to find the balance, and that the successful days are grand.

      I appreciate your support on turning down the column, and your compliments.

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