What’s in A Name?

As a writer I play with words. This blog was going to be called  “Women’s Health Matters” playing on those three words because of matters related to women’s health that I wanted to discuss, and because women’s health matters– as should everyone’s health.  Sticking to writing about women’s health or health in general might be too restrictive both to me as the writer, and to readers. I’m interested in lots of other things so the blog topics may wind up being quite eclectic as is my writing.

Like many 57-year-old women I’ve had a number of health issues to deal with, and  a  number of doctors.  I’ve also read a lot about my health concerns.  In her book “Take Charge of Your Body: Women’s Health Advisor” Dr. Carolyn DeMarco calls it “bibliotherapy.” I think that’s a really good term for the idea of helping yourself through reading. Learn more at www.drdemarco.com Of course humour is also important therapy. What is it they say about “laughter being the best medicine?”

I come by my sense of humour, which some call quirky, quite honestly. Thank you Mom and Dad. I grew up in a household where spilt milk at the dinner table was a semi-regular occurence because we got laughing about something and knocked it over much to my mother’s chagrin. She’d try to get my Dad to discipline us, but more often than not, he’d started it.  Our parents taught us not to take ourselves too seriously, nor  too highly. We are more likely to give each other a funny, but somewhat insulting, birthday card than a mushy one.  I don’t always find it easy to laugh at myself, but I try. I will  laugh not at others, but with them when life situations call for it, and I can also be very empathetic.

So why a blog and why now? It started with thinking about updating my book, “With Humour and Hope: Learning From Our Mothers’ Depression and Alcoholism”, which I wrote and self-published (Trafford 2001).  You can order the book through my website, www.CaptionsCommunications.ca.  I chose that title because I needed to look at those issues with at least some sense of humour, and a sense of hope. As addiction and mental health are, well, depressing topics I need to broaden my horizons, and move forward.  So, you just never know what you’ll find here. It might be related to women’s health matters; it might be a rant about the health care system; or it might be something totally unrelated to health, but funny or hopeful.

I hope you’ll find With Humour and Hope interesting, entertaining, or at least worth the time you take to read the blog.  Your feedback is important, so please leave a comment, or e-mail me at Christine@CaptionsCommunications.ca

Always remember to keep humour and hope alive. It might not be much, but sometimes, it’s all we’ve got.


5 thoughts on “What’s in A Name?

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